Buying property in Turkey has its own rules. If you are looking to buy a house in Turkey, you should know the necessary rules for buying property in Turkey for foreign nationals. Because according to the new laws on buying a house in Turkey, citizens of some countries are not allowed to buy and sell property in Turkey. Of course, it should be noted that Iranians can easily buy and sell property in Turkey.


In some Turkish cities, such as Istanbul and Alanya, there has been a lot of investment in construction projects that are progressing rapidly, which has led to the growth of the region and can be said to have changed the face of the city in general. One of the main reasons for the success of construction in Turkey is its cheapness. For example, the purchase price of property in Turkey is much, much cheaper than in Iran. If you are going to buy an apartment in Turkey, you will be able to buy your desired apartment in Istanbul, Alanya and Antalya at a very reasonable price, which will be much cheaper compared to similar cases in Iran.
Buy a house in Turkey and get a residenceIt can be said that citizens of other countries have been able to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for almost 4 years by buying a house. Of course, in order to obtain a long-term residence in Turkey, it is necessary to buy a property, unless the person succeeds in obtaining a one-year residence permit in Turkey and applies for permanent residence after at least five years of continuous residence in Turkey.These people can obtain Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families for six months. In other words, you can make a profitable investment and become a Turkish citizen by buying property in Turkey.

In addition, you can buy a property for 650 thousand Turkish lira or more, get a residence permit for 3 years for yourself and your family, and if you live in Turkey continuously for 5 years on your property You can apply for Turkish citizenship.

With this residence permit, foreign children can study in Turkey. It is much easier for foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey to find a job, and it is also easier for them to obtain a work permit through law firms in Turkey.

Which countries have the highest number of property purchases in Turkey?

Due to the special conditions that the Turkish government has set for buying real estate in Turkey, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a house in Turkey, citizens of many neighboring Turkish countries seek Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport to buy a house in Turkey have been. Meanwhile, in addition to obtaining citizenship in Turkey, Iranian citizens have sought to invest outside Iran due to the devaluation of the rial.

Looking at the statistics of property sales in Turkey, we find that the citizens of Iraq are ranked first with the purchase of 1439 residential units in Turkey. After the citizens of Iraq, the citizens of Iran with the purchase of 557 housing units and after Iran the citizens of Kuwait with the purchase of 378 houses and then Germany with 341 and Russia with 336 housing units are in the next ranks.

The statistics mentioned above are related to 2018, while in 2019 this statistic has reached at least several times. For example, in 2019, only over 8,000 Iranians bought a house in Izmir, Turkey.

Property purchase statistics in Turkey

Property purchases in Turkey, especially home purchases in Turkey in October 2018, increased sharply by 134.4% compared to October 2017. It can be said that the purchase of property in October 2018 in Turkey reached 6,276 units. Of course, this increase in home purchases in Turkey was not limited to foreign nationals, but also the increase in property purchases by Turkish citizens was accompanied by a 19.2% increase.

In general, if we want to give comprehensive statistics on home purchases in Turkey, we must say that during October, the number of property purchases in Turkey reached 146,536 residential units. Of course, property sales in Turkey are much higher in some cities than in others. For example, the highest percentage of sales were in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, Antalya, Bursa and Yalova, respectively. Keep in mind that more than half of the homes and properties traded were newly built homes.


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