Obtaining a residence permit

اخذ اقامت نروژ

When it comes to living in Europe, Germany and France are among the first countries that come to mind quickly. However, these two countries, and of course Italy and Sweden, and a few others have been more important to people for living than in other European countries in the past. However, in the last few years, attention to other European countries, including Denmark, Poland, Portugal, etc., has been added to the list of people to live with; But most important of all is the European residency requirements, which must first be met by all people in order to enter at least one of these countries to study and continue living. Pars Tak Dej International Migration Law Institute will apply for European residency from Schengen member states in 2020 at the lowest cost. This is much less than the amount you have to receive to get EU residency from other countries. The cost of obtaining a European residence is usually 11500, 16000, 18000 and 50,000 (50 thousand) Euros.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, living conditions in Europe have become much more difficult for Iranians. Sanctions and bad economic conditions and other issues have caused many people inside the country to think about living in European countries, and we are witnessing an increasing queue of immigrants to Europe every day; For example, until a few years ago you were planning to travel to Germany and had to wait up to six months for an interview, now it has been extended to two years. In any case, it never becomes so difficult for Iranians to stay in European countries that they cannot leave; Only the conditions have become much more difficult, although some of these conditions are not only for Iranians, many people from other countries even endure many difficulties to enter. There are many ways to stay in European countries. Study accommodation is the easiest and fastest way for many young people to get to Europe. However, this is a method that is not always cheap, and in some countries it is very expensive to go through education. You can get residency in different countries around the world through this institution.

Procedures for obtaining European residency
Obtaining European residency through study

The most common and easiest way to get European residency is through education. The high level of quality of most European universities has led many young people to go to European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, etc. to continue their education. Providing welfare facilities and the fact that some universities are free to study are other factors that encourage young people to study in those countries; However, the main reason why people choose this method is to stay in Europe after finishing the course. Because students are allowed to work 10 to 30 hours a week, they can get a good resume in a short period of time and then find a job and stay in Europe. .

Benefits of living in Europe through education

Possibility of part-time work while studying
Possibility of obtaining European residency after the end of the course
Immigrating to Europe faster than other methods
No need for special and difficult documents of other methods
Residence in European countries through company registration

One of the most popular ways to obtain European residency is by using company registration. In this way, the applicant can obtain a residence permit for himself and his family by registering a company in the Schengen member states. Of course, each country has its own law, and you should read the relevant conditions on the embassy website before taking any action; Some countries are very sensitive to staying in Europe through company registration and have strict rules, while others are comfortable. Teddy Pars Law Firm, with its experienced immigration lawyers, obtains various types of residency in European countries.


Benefits of staying in Europe through company registration

Ability to obtain a work permit without restrictions
Possibility to obtain a residence permit for family members under 18 years of age
Requiring a language degree
100% ownership of the company
Ability to receive amenities without restrictions
Possibility of free economic activity
No age limit
EU residency through investment

Investing is another way to get a European residence permit. In this way you can invest at least 30,000 euros in European countries or buy their securities, you can get a European residence permit for yourself and your family. Of course, this method is popular; But it is not as easy as you think. Investing in any European country has its own conditions and at least you have to prove that you have the financial means. In fact, by investing in many businesses, there will be stricter rules than this in many European countries.

Benefits of living in Europe through investment

No need for a language degree
No need to register a company
Exempt from paying taxes
No age limit
Free movement between Schengen member states

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